03 – Truncation

Truncation is a method of approximating a decimal number by dropping all decimal places past a certain point without rounding.

Example 1:


Truncate 2.718281828 to 4 dp

1. Find the 4th decimal place and ignore everything after this.
2.718281828 truncated to 4 dp is 2.7182

(note: correct to 4 dp, it is 2.7183)

Example 2:


Truncate 345.6 to a whole number

Find the units place and ignore everything after this.

345.6 truncated to a whole number is 345
(note: correct to a whole number it is 346)

Your Turn:

Truncate 1299.09 to the hundreds

Select the correct answer from the list below: 

A: 1300

B: 1200

C: 1299

D: 1290

Select your answer here:

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