Velocity Time Graphs Online Test

GCSE Maths 9-1: Calculating gradients for speed and distance traveled from area under graph.

This is the Velocity Time Graphs Online Test for AQA, OCR and Edexcel GCSE Maths.

Please read the following notes are designed to help you to input your answers in the correct format.


  1. If a question which have multiple answers simply tick all correct answers.
  2. NO ANSWER REQUIRES UNITS e.g. 20% would be just 20 in the answer box, £30 would be 30.
  3. Give all fractions and ratio answers in their most simplified form.
  4. If your answer is a decimal e.g. 0.22, then please ensure you use a decimal point within your answer otherwise it will be marked as incorrect.
  5. Sit the test in a linear format, do not return to a question once you have submitted you answer.
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