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There are three equivalency tests; maths, English and Science that people sometimes have to take, often to gain entry into...

Maths Made Easy Team 13 June 2019
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There are three equivalency tests; maths, English and Science that people sometimes have to take, often to gain entry into the teaching profession. The three most common reasons why you may have to take these equivalency tests are:


1. You haven’t achieved a grade C, or level 4 in GCSE Maths, English or Science. 


2. You can’t find your GCSE certificates or prove that you have successfully passed your GCSE maths, English and Science to a grade C. 


3. You have studied abroad. 


As you can see their are multiple reasons why prospective trainee teachers are asked to sit the GCSE equivalency tests. At Maths Made Easy we help people to prepare for, book and pass their GCSE equivalency tests. 


The maths equivalency test is the most common one that people tend to struggle with. The test content is similar to Edexcel GCSE maths but there are a number of difference in the content and the way in which the exam questions are asked. We have expert maths equivalency tutors who can help you prepare for this test and ensure that you pass it. 


The English equivalency test is also sat by thousands of people every year for all of the reasons described above. Our team of expert literacy equivalency tutors will be able to help you revise for the exam as well as providing you with the most relevant equivalency resources.


Our team also have Science equivalency test tutors who can help you prepare for this specific test. This test is less commonly sat as teacher training providers and Universities don’t request this unless you are specifically applying for a role that may involved Science teaching and you haven’t got your GCSE Science or equivalent qualification. 


If you are unsure whether the GCSE equivalency test is right for you then please visit our GCSE equivalents page which describes what other GCSE qualifications there are and who has to sit them. 


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