The Stats about Valentine’s Day 2019

09th February 2018

Valentine’s day 2019 is a time when romance is in the air and couples get together and share some quality time. It is also a time that some interesting numbers are produced, after all some have said that finding love is just a numbers game.

 As a bit of fun we have compiled a list of some interesting statistics, have a read and see if you can guess the right numbers in our Top 5 Valentine’s day 2019 Numbers Game.


1. For Valentine’s Day 2018 how much is going to be spent on chocolates, flowers and gifts for loved ones?

Looking at the year on year growth we estimate that the £1 billion is likely to be broken for the first time this year in the UK.

2. What percentage of gifts will be bought online?

Well again this is a number that continues to increase, valentine’s day after valentine’s day, with around 35% of all gifts predicted to be bought online this Valentine’s day.

3. How well prepared are we for Valentine’s day, what percentage of people buy their gift in the last week running up to the big day?

According to debit and credit card statistics, over 40% of people leave it until the last week. It would be interesting to see how that broke down between men and women but we don’t have that data, so we will leave you to play a guessing game.

4. How much should I spend on a Valentines gift, what is the national average spend?

For the last 2 years the average spend for a Valentine’s gift has been just under £50.

5. In the UK we are pet lovers. How many pet owners buy their pet a gift on Valentine’s day?

Around 5% of owners will buy their pet a treat.


Thanks for taking part in our Top Five Valentine’s day numbers game. If you are a student on half term this coming week, don’t let love get in the way of your revision! The half term is a fantastic opportunity to get set for the up and coming exam period, especially if you are sitting your GCSE or A Level exams. But don’t panic, Maths Made Easy is here to help with even more exceptional resources being uploaded this week.