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Mary T

Maths Tutor in Abingdon
I tutor from:
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  • Up to GCSE
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About Mary

I've got my Bachelor's degree in production Engineering from abroad. I am aware of the new GCSE spec. specially AQA I have even gone through the GCSE Maths exam in June 2018 to have a real experience of the exam environment and pass through the same journey which the students have.

Maths Adult / casual learner
KS1 and KS2

What makes me different than others is that I am very organised and set milestones at reasonable times of the year.
I cut down the Syllabus into sections, to make it easier for the student to figure-out where is he/she on the map of success.


I have been teaching Maths since the beginning of the new specs, to various strengths of students with different requirements.

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Call 020 3633 5145 to arrange a lesson with Mary