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Kevin L

Maths Tutor in Bradford
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About Kevin

I'm a Software Developer with masters in Aerospace Engineering. I have tutored since my high school days, specifically for those whose scientific and mathematical backgrounds are very poor, guiding and encouraging patiently as they progressed in their subjects. I take it as a personal challenge the betterment and excelling of my students'. Having personally excelled in the sciences and mathematics, I deeply know the struggles and the steps required to achieve a pass or an excellent grade. I do not believe in spoon feeding but rather, in the patient struggle of understanding concepts. To put it simply, I am a firm believer in teaching a man how to fish instead of giving the man the fish.

Maths A Level
Adult / casual learner
KS1 and KS2

I am patient and I easily identify areas of struggle. I focus on building up the basics foremost.


I have been teaching for over 3 years on a semi-professional level. One to one, before that more casually for about 5 years.

Monday5:30pm - 7:30pm
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Call 020 3633 5145 to arrange a lesson with Kevin