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About Amanz

Masters of Engineering from Imperial College London. Significant experience in tutoring both freelance and with university summer schools, in addition to Cardiff 6th Form College.

Maths A Level
Adult / casual learner

My tutoring approach is, in a word, meticulous. My approach is to use my existing knowledge, relevant textbooks in addition to the specification, to ensure that every point on the specification is understood from a solid foundation. This involves what I would describe as a 'stretch-and-challenge' approach - by setting questions to the students which push them to critically think about applied mathematical problems once they are confident with textbook problems and past paper questions. During my role as tutor on summer school programs, I have written my own notes for each individual student, giving them background knowledge on their research project. This is because I have faith in the way I can deliver material, and know how certain content should be delivered to certain age groups.

My approach is different to most forms of schooling because they are taught in a non-rigorous way which involves path recognition. This allows success for students who are not shown a different path, but in a more competitive examinations, this approach seldom works. By ensuring the students have a fundamental understanding of the content and teaching them skills rather than the answers to questions, they can use those skills to solve more complex and diverse problems, also well equipping them for university life.

However, I also emphasise exam technique as a skill. Whilst not relying on path recognition, I emphasise to the student that depending on the exam board, there are specific words which mean certain things, both in the exam and the specification. As a result, the student should be aware about not just what to say, but how to say it, as this is invaluable in exams. This can be done through a 3-colour practice technique in the homeworks I set: one colour with no resources, one colour with an open book and one with a mark scheme, to help relate their knowledge to the way it should be presented. I set these homeworks after every session and review it in the subsequent session. This also allows me to emphasise the importance of self study.

I like to reassure students with success stories but also stories which may build resilience, but before this, the importance of time management, both in revision and exams, as this is often a chief cause for stress. In addition to this, I use confidence builders to ensure the student can tackle various difficulty questions in a stepwise manner, to alleviate stresses. However, I do believe some pressure is good, and will often present a tough problem first at the start of classes which students cannot solve, with the idea that by the end of the class they will, which is a great confidence booster.

I also teach online.


Subjects: Maths, further maths, physics and chemistry
Duration: 4-5 years
Ages and group size: 15-18, 1-5.

I'm a fresh graduate who loves working with young people. My first experience of mentoring young people came from familial ties since I have many cousins, but from there it has grown exponentially.
At university, I was a freelance tutor for four years in maths and physical sciences at A Level and GCSE ages whilst completing my bachelors and masters degrees. In that time, I also worked as a STEM mentor, tutoring students ages 12-18 when they came on university visits to Imperial with lab sessions and past paper sessions. In my summer holidays, I have worked on numerous academic summer camps, including Imperial's Global Summer School and Imperial's Work Experience week. Following this, I was headhunted to work at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology as an academic tutor. Here I was involved in the mentorship of five students, selected amongst the brightest students in their country, to undertake a scientific research project. My main responsibilities were helping them comprehend their projects and coherently and concisely express them in numerous forms of scientific communications.
I have also spent time at one of the highest achieving A Level colleges in the UK, Cardiff 6th form College. Here I was a UCAS mentor, preparing students for pre-admission exams and their personal statements.

I have a wealth of experience and am looking forward to adding value and passion to your team!

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