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About Oliver

Hello! My name is Oliver, I'm 25 years old and I work as a tutor in and around Headingley in Leeds. I achieved A*AAAA in my A-levels, graduated from Leeds University in 2015 with a first class Master's degree in Physics, and have been tutoring ever since. I also work as a freelance science writer and have written material for A-Level Physics revision guides published by CGP.

I specialise in GCSE and A-Level maths, physics and further maths, but can also help with maths for business, access courses, aptitude tests, pharmaceutical registration exams and more.



"I'm repeating AS maths and even after 2 years found Core 2 and mechanics hard. In 6 weeks of Oliver teaching me I've picked up the course quickly, he explains things well and clearly until I completely understand them and has even written me some notes I can look back at so I know what I'm doing the rest of the time. He's a nice guy and a really good teacher" - Tania (AS Maths)

"Having used Oliver’s services on a regular basis for many months now, I can confidently say that he is a prime choice for those wishing to significantly improve their grades and knowledge of mathematics/physics. In melding his fresh and modern understanding of essential ideas with well-prepared lesson plans and a relatively relaxed atmosphere, Oliver facilitates the ability to enjoy the subjects and simultaneously prosper within them. His unique presentation of facts allows for a superior retention of knowledge, and I recommend him to anyone who wishes to achieve their potential" - Jacob (A2 Maths, Further Maths and Physics)

"Me and Zaccaia would like to take this opportunity to thank you immensely! Zaccaia achieved a grade C in Higher Maths and has now enrolled at college! Without your help and support this would not have been possible. Thank you so much for your support and tuition" - Zaccaia (GCSE Maths)

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Maths A Level
Adult / casual learner
KS1 and KS2

I believe that performing well in a subject comes down to being given explanations that work for the individual. It's easy to learn when things "make sense", but unfortunately this isn't always the case in school or college lessons where teachers have limited time and can't afford to give each pupil the attention they need. It's important to me that knowledge can be shared regardless of different thinking styles, and I always make an effort to ensure that students have a full and useful understanding of a topic rather than simply memorising definitions and equations. I pride myself on a knack for explaining things in an easy-to-understand way, and I always prepare tailored lessons for my students.


I've been tutoring for just over three years. Most of my lessons have been one-on-one but I am happy to teach in small groups. I specialise in Physics, Maths and Further Maths at GCSE and A-Level but have taught all kinds of science and engineering subjects at all levels.

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