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Tutor in Blackburn
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  • Up to GCSE
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zahid's Experience

• Taught KS3 , KS4 . • Provided cover to KS3 & KS4. • Marked pupils work. • Gave feedback to pupils.

zahid's Approach

I possess excellent communication skills from having worked within a team in retail. Have dealt daily with customers and other agencies. From teaching experience have interacted successfully with students, parents by resolving issues, establishing rapport, group facilitating, offering tutor support and motivation. I regularly use a wide range of teaching and learning styles to engage pupils and to make my lessons accessible to pupils across the ability ranges. I have drawn on the use of Kagan’s collaborative learning techniques, such as Think Pair Share and incorporate extensive use of the media in my teaching. I incorporate the use of Assessment for Learning (AFL) and ICT (including SAM Learning). I ensure that activities are differentiated with clear learning objectives for the lesson. I also use ‘Assessing Pupil Progress’ (APP) as a learning framework to support and track the learning for KS3 pupils.

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