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About Stephen

I am a 29 year old private tutor living in Leeds. I have always had a natural ability for maths and physics (and explaining/teaching these to others) and have taught these subjects at A-level since graduating from Leeds University back in 2010.
Aside from my love for all things numeric, I am also an accomplished musician having ran a sideline business in the past as a Contract Hire Musician. I play the piano, flute, sax, cello and guitar - it was the piano and flute that I mostly played as part of that business. I still undertake random contracts for weddings and other special occasions, though I turned my business focus to my private tuition business a number of years ago in line with the relative demand.
I also enjoy quite a few sports, most prominently badminton and gymnastics which I used to compete nationally in. I no longer train gymnastics to such a level, but I do still compete in regional badminton leagues for 2 different clubs on both mens and mixed doubles teams.

Stephen's Experience

I have privately tutored for over 4 years now running my own private tuition business alongside work with the major exam board and assessment bodies. Over this time I have seen hundreds of students off to very competitive university courses.

I work very closely with some of the major exam boards as a Principal Examiner writing only the upper-end questions for advanced Maths exams alongside further moderation work marking exam scripts (advanced Maths and Physics) and question-writing for the UKCAT and BMAT. I have also created my personal, privately owned Mechanics, Statistics and Core papers designed to push my students beyond the general scope. I can help greatly with exam technique and provide excellent advice on how to reach exam success from an actual examiner’s viewpoint.

Year-on-year over 90% of my student register comprises high-ability students, typically those applying to study Medicine, Dentistry, Maths, Engineering and Physics. I have a wealth of experience in these spheres and can offer this additional benefit to prospective students.

I have taught from all of the AQA, Edexcel, OCR and OCR-MEI syllabuses, comprising all the modules of A-level Maths and Further Maths. I offer specialisation in both Mechanics and Statistics.

Stephen's Approach

As an examiner and question-writer myself, I understand the significant importance of applying knowledge and techniques to exam-based questions as early on as possible. This direct and practical implementation is key to success in exams at this high level due to the complexity and abstract lines of questioning that examiners employ when writing and compiling the exam scripts of today. Assessment is becoming more and more lateral and 'application-based' will continue to do so in my forecasted opinion.
I like to question all my students on how they will tackle a question to reach the answer - if they can explain the method to me, it further solidifies their technique and gives them a deeper understanding of the work which they can then apply laterally to all other questions.

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