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Tolu's Experience

I am a qualified mathematics and science teacher with years of experience teaching in schools and giving one-on-one tuition. I have coached children to achieve success at all levels including primary, secondary and A’ Levels.

Tolu's Approach

I firmly believe that every child can excel if given the right resources and atmosphere for learning. Therefore, I am passionate about one-on-one tutoring because it provides opportunities for children to have that extra support they need to make progress. I focus a lot on building my tutees’ confidence in their ability to succeed by using different approaches- visual, auditory or kinaesthetic based on what is best for the child. It is important they are able to make progress with or without the aid of the tutor, thus, I give regular homework to assess my students' progress. Tutees who are preparing for major exams need to be able to answer questions correctly within the available time. Therefore, I focus on boosting their speed as well as confidence. I also encourage my tutees to have a personal study time-table which they can fit around their daily schedule with the help/oversight of their parents/carers. This helps them take more ownership of their learning. These tactics have proven time and again to enhance my tutees school performance, test/exam grades as well as general attitude to studies.

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