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About Claudia

I am a 21 year old student at home for the summer, before I return to university to continue my Medical Degree. From my years at university I have learnt a greater understanding of maths and science subjects, and have gained experience lecturing over 100 students in younger years of the Medical Degree programme. I enjoy playing rugby, having captained our ladies medical team this year. I chose to tutor as have always enjoyed studying myself (shown by the fact I'm undertaking a 6 year degree!), and would like to help others reach their full potential. I have had different experiences with different teachers, so understand that some can explain subjects better than others! I want to tutor to fill this gap and make sure students get the bet grade they can. Having received excellent A level results myself only 3 years ago (Maths A, Biology A*, Chemistry A*), I am confident I can help GCSE and A level students alike fulfill their potential. The main subjects I cover are maths, Biology and Chemistry to A Level, Spanish to AS, and a range of GCSE subjects, including English, Science, Maths, Spanish, German and Religous Studies. I can also cover KS2 and KS3 maths.

Claudia's Experience

I have experience tutoring larger groups ups of over 18 year olds, so feel confident in my ability to teach GCSE and Sixth form students.

Claudia's Approach

My tutoring approach is firm but sensitive. I am aware of how stressful studying can be and aim to ensure that along with delivering high quality content, I recognise when a student may need more pastoral help.

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