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If you are looking for an experienced GCSE Maths tutor in Tadcaster, York or Leeds please take a look at my profile and get in touch for more information.

Lydia's Experience

I have been a teacher for over ten years now. I have taught in two countries and in various educational establishments from mainstream schools, Young offenders institutes and mostly in Further Education, I have taught various age groups from high school, post 16 to adult education. My experience of teaching has encompassed people from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds including job centre plus students. I have taught GCSE maths for four years now and have considerable success in achievement. Last year 30% of my post sixteen students achieved a grade C and my adult classes had an achievement rate of 60% for grade C.

Lydia's Approach

My main aim when tutoring is to instill confidence and self esteem in my students. They often feel they cannot do maths and are rubbish at it,. I don't believe this is true and feel they have probably had poor tutoring in the past or a poor experience in education. I aim to correct that and support my students in becoming proficient in maths. I believe in finding different ways in which to deliver topics until my students fully understand what is required. I have a vast array of resources and materials to ensure that lessons are interesting and engaging.

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