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About Liam

Hi, my name is Liam, and I teach both GCSE and A-Level Maths. I have always enjoyed sharing my passion for maths and imparting my knowledge to others, and so in early 2014 I began tutoring part-time. I found both joy and success in this role, particularly in helping my first ever tutee to surpass his predicted grades. So, not long after graduating in 2016 with a First Class degree in Mathematics from the University of Nottingham, I decided to make maths tutoring my full-time job.

Liam's Experience

I have been teaching maths full-time at both GCSE and A-Level for over a year, and in that time have taught upwards of 25 students, across a mixture of abilities. I have helped struggling students to pass, and have helped give some very adept students that extra little push to get the top grades for their university applications. I am knowledgeable in the subject contents of both Mathematics and Further Mathematics (GCSE and A-Level in both cases).

Liam's Approach

I pride myself on being approachable and creating a positive learning environment for my tutees. I understand that school and exams can be two big sources of stress for anyone, and a big part of my job involves making students feel comfortable with me and with the work we're doing, in order to help reduce that. On top of this, I try to build back any confidence that may have taken a hit by providing positive reinforcement, and making sure that they never feel uncomfortable asking a question.

Some students are very aware of what they wish to gain from tuition; they might come to each session with a set of questions prepared for things that confused them during the week, for example. On the other hand, some students are just aware that they want help, and they expect me to know the best way to provide that. I am absolutely comfortable with both of these approaches, and I have found that in many cases, students may alternate between the two, lesson to lesson. I aim to always be paying attention to how best to teach the student at every single session - I am prepared to be malleable in order to ensure the student gets the maximum benefit.

I offer online tuition as well as the usual in-person tuition, in which case I communicate with my students over Skype (using the video chat function), as well as having an interactive whiteboard app open that both the student and I can write on.

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