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About Siti Syuhaida

I'm a PhD student in Environmental Science at the University of York. I'm looking for a tutoring experience to enhance my teaching skills. Since I'm in my final year of study and I got spare time, so I want to spend it by doing tutoring. I can tutor most of Science subjects and also Mathematics. My degree is in Chemistry and my master's degree is in Environmental Engineering. I enjoy doing outdoor activities and also watching movies too. So if you are looking for a Maths tutor in York please contact me.

Siti Syuhaida's Experience

I used to be a volunteer for classroom assistant at one of the schools in York. It was for year 7 and 10 classrooms for Science and Chemistry subjects. Additionally, I also have had experience doing extra tuition class for primary school children in Malaysia before I came to the UK. I am looking forward to tutoring Maths in York so please get in touch to arrange a lesson.

Siti Syuhaida's Approach

I make sure all of my students understand the content delivered in the tutorial. I'll always ask and check their work if they are too shy to ask and continuously encourage them. I always deliver a very high standard of Maths tuition.

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