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About Marta

I'm a PhD student in Physics, doing my thesis on Quantum Computing, on my writing-up year. I have a BSc in Chemistry, two masters in Chemistry (Physical Chemistry and Quantum Chemistry) and an Engineering Degree in Computer Science. I'm currently getting an specialisation in Computer Architecture. I'm originally from Mallorca but I've been living in the US and the UK for the last 5 years.

Marta's Experience

I've been tutoring many students during my bachelor's degree teaching Maths, Physics, Chemistry or even English. Once I started my PhD I also started as an assistant professor at the university helping with first year Physics courses, specially Maths and Programming.

Marta's Approach

As a tutor I think doing exercises together with the students is one of the best ways to prepare for a test. This way the student learns the methods and the skills needed to solve an specific problem. However, when a lack of concepts is there, I like to focus on the theory and clarify any doubts, but always making use of down-to-earth examples.

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