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About Jason

Upon graduation from St Andrews with a degree in zoology, I moved to York in 2008 to study for a PhD at the Hull York Medical School. My thesis was on the evolutionary divergences of two species of monkeys in the anatomy department. I have been tutoring GCSE Sciences since 2011. Whether it is GCSE Biology, Chemistry or Physics tuition in York you require, contact me today.

Jason's Experience

During my time at the university I lectured and took tutorials and practicals. I have tutored numerous secondary school pupils in the GCSE sciences and maths and A level biology students since 2011. I have also volunteered in schools. My students have enjoyed my tutoring and, more importantly, have developed a confidence in the subject and achieved good grades.

Jason's Approach

Tutoring is largely about simplifying complex information so that it is comprehensible, and making links between ideas so that they are memorable. Emphasising the core concepts forms the foundation, on which the details can be built. I have been tutoring for six years now and hope my experience enables me to tell what is being understood and what can be taken as read. This efficiency is crucial given the limited available for tutorials. I have found that understanding the topic is not enough; students need to be able to communicate in writing what they know. As a result, I have started to place a much greater emphasis on being able to answer exam questions; examiners are not clairvoyant and must adhere to a strict marking scheme. Science has a beauty and elegance that, while apparent to me, is elusive to many people. I hope my enthusiasm can impart some of this wonder, as I think making the subject more engaging diminishes the chore of learning it.

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