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About Amy

I'm not your average maths tutor. I've got a Masters with distinction in Data Analysis and a first class honours degree in Maths, plus 15 years as an Army Officer! This doesn't mean I like shouting or making students do press-ups, but it does mean you can count on me to be well-organised, punctual and good at dealing with unexpected challenges.

My career to date has taken me from helping young soldiers learn how to fix helicopters and recover tanks (using applied maths!) to making sure the numbers add up at the biggest bank in the world. Above all though, my has given me a love of helping people of all ages and abilities reach their potential. I really enjoy working with students to make maths a pleasure rather than a chore, by exploring together what methods work best for them and giving them the tools to achieve their maths goals, whether passing exams or understanding how the practical applications of maths can benefit them in real life.

Amy's Experience

I've helped students in an Army Engineering college and worked with primary students. I also helped several adult learners with maths for real life and to prepare for numerical reasoning tests.

Amy's Approach

I like to use practical applications of maths in my tutoring wherever possible. We explore together in the first sessions what the student's goals are, what the blockers are and what areas they find most difficult. Guiding students through a problem using questions, pictures or real life examples is how I often find works best. However overall a positive attitude and patience is key, together with tailoring my approach by trying different things until we find what works best for each individual.

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