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About Jenny

I am a knowledgeable, sensitive and encouraging private tutor. Since graduating with a 2:1 combined MSc and undergraduate degree in maths in 2014, I have been working in the education sector teaching maths, English and study skills to students of a variety of ages and abilities. I have been teaching students as a private tutor since October 2017 and I have tutored more than 80 students over that time in Maths, English and verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

I have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the maths national curriculum and specifications and expectations for exams including SATs, Functional Skills, GCSEs and A-levels (maths and further maths), having tutored several students at all these levels.

Jenny's Experience


I have over 800 hours of tutoring experience and I have spent over 1000 hours in schools supporting the learning of 3-18 year olds: teaching full classes of 3-5 year-olds as a student teacher, helping year 6 pupils revise for SATs and volunteering in a secondary school for young people with special educational needs.

I have current and past experience of tutoring students with a range of specific needs including, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and dyslexia, as well as students with English as an additional language. I also have supported the learning of young people with other needs such as Down`s syndrome, developmental delay and communication difficulties, when helping 0-5 year-olds in a specialist SEN unit within a mainstream nursery, 3-11 year-olds in mainstream school and 11-19 year-olds at a Special school.

Jenny's Approach

Teaching approach

From my tutoring experience I am very aware of the concepts that often confuse students. When a student expresses confusion I will find out exactly what is giving them difficulties by breaking down the problem into its separate elements and going back to a point where the student does understand so that my teaching is built up from solid foundations. From here, I teach concepts using examples, pictures and manipulatives. Then I challenge students to try things for themselves, under my support and guidance, so my students will be empowered to take control of their own learning. I like to know as much as possible about the students I am teaching so that I can base my teaching upon their learning styles and life experiences.

Key Stage 2

I am currently tutoring several students in key stage 2 in Maths, English and verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Of the students who I tutored through the key stage 2 Maths and English SATs in 2018, all of them achieved at least the expected standard. With this age group I normally use targeted games and puzzles to help students gain confidence, improve understanding and practice mental arithmetic.


I have an in depth knowledge of the content and expectations for GCSE maths at both foundation and higher tier, under the new 9-1 specification, having tutored several students in 2017-2019 for their maths GCSE with Edexcel and AQA exam boards.

I am very aware of the topics that students at this level commonly struggle with such as negative numbers, fractions, ratio and algebraic thinking; I am ready to help students tackle these conceptual confusions. Many students also struggle with putting their mathematical knowledge into practice so I always use questions from GCSE past papers to teach students.


I am currently tutoring several students for their AS-level and A-level maths (AQA, Edexcel, OCR A and OCR MEI) in pure mathematics, statistics and mechanics. I always try to use questions from past papers and sample papers to help students practice and prepare. I have also tutored students for further maths a-level in the past.

Adult students

I have tutored several adult learners from a range of backgrounds, helping them to gain confidence in maths for work and life, so that they can develop their careers and fulfil their goals. I have tutored adult students through functional skills (level 1 maths, level 2 english and maths), for essay writing and study skills (university level), how to teach functional skills (entry levels 1-3 and levels 1-2) and mental arithmetic.

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