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About Ben

I’m a firm believer that with the right support, anyone can succeed in maths! Having studied maths at degree level in my Engineering undergrad, I understand how stressful exams can be for students (and their parents!). I recognise that to succeed in mathematics requires active methods of learning reinforced by constant practice and patient guidance from a knowledgeable teacher. Maths is a sequential subject and sometimes when students are having difficulty with a topic or area it’s because they haven’t always built the strong foundations needed to progress. My aim as a tutor is to identify areas where a student may be struggling and to provide the feedback, they need to build confidence and develop their mathematical ability. Now for a little bit about me! I’d like to think I’m a friendly and approachable teacher (although you can be the judge of that! 😊). I’ve always enjoyed and been fascinated by maths and enjoy breaking down (seemingly) complex ideas. For me the best part about teaching is inspiring a student’s curiosity about the world through the subject of maths and sharing in the satisfaction when something just ‘clicks’. I’m currently a postgrad student studying for an MSc in Computer Science at the University of Bristol. I also have a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering which was very heavily maths based as well as an A in A-level Mathematics. When I’m not studying, I try to wind down with a little Ballroom or Salsa dancing!

Ben's Experience

While studying for my undergraduate degree, I worked at a number of departmental outreach events aimed at inspiring young children to pursue studies and careers in STEM (Science, technology, Engineering and maths) as well as exploring creative uses of computing. I enjoyed seeing the children’s faces light once they understood a topic and it was rewarding to play a part in inspiring the next generation of young engineers, mathematicians and scientists.

Ben's Approach

My approach to teaching is a mixed learner led and guided approach. I will first identify the areas a student is struggling in or where methods or concepts need more reinforcement. I’ll then introduce ideas with worked examples, guiding students through the correct methods for solving a problem before allowing them to explore topics further under their own steam. I first show students ‘how’ to solve a particular problem and then move on to the ‘why’. All too often, students lose confidence in mathematics because seemingly complex ideas are explained to them when they lack the experience and knowledge needed to make sense of it all. Maths is first and foremost learnt by doing, the ‘ah ha’ moment often comes later! Together, we’ll also work on the student’s exam technique, studying model worked examples and honing their time management skills. I also recognise the importance of exam prep through past exam papers and we will spend some time working through these.

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