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About Catrina

For as long as I can remember maths has always been a huge element in my life. I love the fulfilment achieved when tackling a question that at first appears impossible to solve, but in actual fact needs an alternative approach. I am a hardworking self-employed individual who is honest and reliable. My genuine enjoyment for mathematics contributes a great deal to my problem-solving skills. Human interaction and talking to new people is something I truly love.

As well as maths, I am a very passionate dancer that has been in several dance events and competitions around the world from the age of ten, because of this I have gained a lot of confidence. My involvement with movement and the arts has provided a beneficial outlet to keep my mental and physical health balanced.

Since both my parents are deaf, I have picked up British Sign Language from a very young age; also working with deaf and disabled students supported me in developing the skills to communicate with a variety of abilities. In 2017, I set up an organisation called Deaf Jam Fitness that is currently in partnership with Leeds Deaf Children Society, delivering dance fitness to young people that are deaf or hard of hearing.

Catrina's Experience

Graduating from King's College London with a BSc in Mathematics, I currently tutor various levels of maths both privately and in various primary/secondary schools around Leeds, from basic maths to GCSE. Schools include Leeds City Academy, Farsley Farfield Primary, Cockburn John Charles Academy, Corpus Christ Catholic College, Southroyd Primary and much more. Working alongside companies such as Tutor Doctor, The Tutor Trust and The Learning Curve.

Studying Mathematics at university not only solidified my love behind the excitement and satisfaction of solving problems, but also my desire for helping others to feel the same. Whilst in sixth form, I began voluntarily tutoring students who had to retake exams. These students had received grades much higher than they expected and from then on I knew that personally, teaching is a much more rewarding job than any other, using Mathematics.

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Catrina's Approach

Some people say Maths is like Marmite; you either love it or hate it. However, I genuinely believe we all have the capability to love the subject given a great teacher and patience!

Since completing my degree in 2015 and commencing professional tuition, the foundation of my passion is sparked from that moment it 'clicks' in the student, this is what drives me to tutor. My approach to teaching is refreshing and encouraging, catering specifically to the student. The aim is not just to assist in helping you learn the schools methods and pass the exams, but also teach the skill of independent thinking and problem solving. In my opinion, this is true education.

I feel being involved with the arts allows the ability for me to bring together both my creative and analytical thinking, and then apply this when approaching students.

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