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About Jo

I qualified as a teacher in 1993 after achieving a First Class Honours Degree from the University of Leeds. I then went on to complete a Masters Degree in Education specialising in how children and young people learn. I also hold a post-graduate certificate in Mathematical Mastery (Distinction) from the University of Plymouth and am currently taking a further degree into how children learn mathematics.

I tutor online using a collaborative whiteboard with a video/audio link and my tutees enjoy this as they don't have to travel and can use their own technology. My lessons are very hands on for my tutees and they comment that their lessons go really quickly! Parents report that their sons and daughters achieve improved test scores after my tuition and that they also grow in confidence in maths.

I teach Key Stage 3 maths, GCSE maths (Foundation and Higher) and iGCSE maths (Foundation and Higher) including the calculus element which not all tutors can provide. I also teach GCSE Statistics. So if you are looking for an online maths tutor, get in touch today. 

Jo's Experience

Tutoring is my profession and is my full-time role. I teach Key Stage 3 maths, GCSE maths (Foundation and Higher) and iGCSE maths (Foundation and Higher) including the calculus element which not all tutors can provide. I also teach GCSE Statistics. I am extremely proud of my tutees' achievements; especially when their grades allow them to get onto their preferred college course or to continue with maths to A level.

I have FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) ultra-fast broadband which provides me with a fast and reliable broadband connection for my online tutoring.

After qualifying as a teacher, I worked in large secondary schools in Leeds and Bradford before moving into School Improvement in Calderdale as an Advisor for More Able Pupils. In 2004, I became Assistant Principal at a large Further Education College and I also worked as an Ofsted Inspector in secondary schools across the north of England. I have also worked as an Examiner and Team Leader for Edexcel/Pearson which gave me a great insight into how exams are marked.

I hold an Enhanced DBS Certificate and was the Designated Safeguarding Officer in my previous role.

Jo's Approach

The way I provide tutoring is very flexible and I aim to adapt to suit individual needs and requirements. Confidence building is one of the main reasons why people choose my service; there's often such a lot of pressure and anxiety around maths that many children struggle to relax and to apply their learning in assessment situations.

Lack of confidence in exams is often attributable to learning not being fully secure and/or too much time having elapsed between learning and assessment. My session planning uses spacing and interleaving to ensure that learning is refreshed at increasing intervals until it is fully secure and can be recalled several months hence. An example of this is when homework is set for a new topic, I may ask that it only be partially completed. The remaining questions will be revisited after approximately one month, and then a further task will be used to assess recall of the same topic after longer periods of time. This ensures that the learning is rooted in the long-term memory.

One of the main benefits of tutoring, especially if started early, is that we have the luxury of time. This means that we can maintain many of the practical/concrete teaching methods for which time does not allow in secondary school. Many students struggle with approaching maths concepts in an abstract manner so I aim to introduce concepts in an hands-on, real-life application. This helps my tutees to understand the concept in order to then apply it in a more abstract situation as in an exam.

Underpinning the above techniques, I maintain a detailed progress record of each tutee's progress. Through discussion, observation, formal and informal assessment, I determine the tutee's current skill level against each element of the maths curriculum and then plan sessions to develop each skill and record progress.

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