What type of maths tuition should I go for?

Because there are so many different options when it comes to maths tuition it is difficult to know what option...

Maths Made Easy Team 3 January 2019
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Because there are so many different options when it comes to maths tuition it is difficult to know what option is best for you. Although it is a cliche, it is true to tuition that you get what you pay for. There are a number of unqualified tutors offering tuition through tutoring websites and platforms that allow anyone and everyone to sign up. These websites can be easily identified as they will have a long list of tutors, all charging difference rates, many of whom have never tutored before and have no professional qualifications. 


Other options that are becoming more prominent include online tuition where students sit in front of a screen and are tutored using interactive resources and whiteboards but again the tutors are often unqualified or inexperienced and the whole online platform is missing something when it comes to personal connection and delivering results. On a par with online tuition is group lessons where your child is tutored along with 5 or more children in a classroom environment where worksheets are set and students are left to work on their own as the tutor works his way round each student. This tuition is often found in tuition centres and the rates charged are not too dissimilar to one to one tuition, but your child receives a fraction of the interaction or time with the tutor.


At Maths Made Easy we focus on the type of tuition that we know delivers the best results and therefore the best value for money. This is private one to one tuition with qualified and experienced tutors. Your child will have the full attention of a qualified maths tutor for an hour each week and the impact of this is often noticeable in a very short space of time. Our York maths tutors are all local to York, they know the area, know the schools and know the challenges that local students face. Our tuition courses are always targeted to the individual to ensure they have the most impact. Contact us today to book your York maths tutor. 

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