Top 5 Science Revision Cards

Science Revision Cards are a great way to revise. Whether you are looking for KS3 Science revision cards or GCSE Science flashcards we are here to help. The following list covers all of the best GCSE Science revision cards including Biology, Chemistry and Physics to ensure that you find the right flash cards for you. 

If you are looking for Science revision cards to help you revise then you are in the right place. From KS3 to GCSE Science flash cards, we have our top 5 list to help you pick the best cards for you.

Number 1: AQA GCSE 9-1 Combined Science Revision Flashcards (Collins GCSE 9-1 Revision)

The new Collins GCSE Science revision cards are comprehensive in their coverage of the AQA specification, with 200 detailed cards. For GCSE Science it is essential that you get flashcards that are relevant to your exam board so these cards are only recommended for those studying AQA Combined Science. If you are studying AQA GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics separately then these cards will still be useful but they will not cover then entire course and therefore we would recommend purchasing the separate packs highlighted below.

Number 2: The CGP GSCE Science Revision Cards

Now our number 2 spot goes to the CGP Science revision cards for Biology, Chemistry and Physics and although they are 3 packs of cards they all cover the same AQA specification.

9-1 GCSE Biology AQA Revision Question Cards

The New 9-1 GCSE Biology AQA Revision Question Cards by CGP cover the entire GCSE Biology 9-1 course. Although they aren’t as good as the Collins cards for the combined Science, they do cover the entire GCSE Biology specification for the single Science. Therefore, if you striding Biology these GCSE Biology revision cards are our number 1 pick over any combined pack as they cover the whole course from cell Biology to evolution and everything in between.

9-1 GCSE Physics AQA Revision Question Cards

The CGP 9-1 GCSE Physics AQA Revision Question Cards are our number 1 pick revision cards for Triple Science. As well as all the Physics formulae, each required practical is explained and examples given. You will be able to quickly identify your weaker areas of the course by working through each of the topics and revise these in good depth using the cards. No Science revision card is comprehensive in its coverage, so although the entire course is covered, we recommend that all students use things such as the past papers to supplement the work you do with your GCSE Physics flashcards.

9-1 GCSE Chemistry AQA Revision Question Cards

The 9-1 GCSE Chemistry AQA Revision Question Cards by CGP cover the AQA specification from start to finish. With examples of the required practicals and explanations on each subtopic, these Chemistry flashcards are very useful. Like the other Science revision cards, these CGP cards do contain pretty much identical content as the CGP revision guides so buying one or the other is sound advice. These GCSE Chemistry cards do cover the new 9-1 AQA specification so are relevant for the 2020 Science exams.

Number 3:   New KS3 Science Revision Question Cards (CGP KS3 Science)

In our number 3 position is the KS3 Science card pack by CGP. These KS3 Science revision cards cover Biology, Chemistry and Physics from Year 7 to Year 9. They will be useful for general revision and in preparation for the end of year exams. All major KS3 Science topics are covered in a question and answer format. These are really good to help identify gaps in knowledge and to have a quick-fire revision of the course. If you are looking for KS3 Science revision cards then these are the number 1 pick and the only KS3 Science flashcard to make our top 5!

Number 4: The Collins AQA Biology, Chemistry and Physics revision cards  

These are the individual Science revision cards for GCSE triple Science. As an alternative to the CGP revision cards in our number two spot, these flashcards are excellent. They cover all the Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics in good details with explanations, diagrams, drawings, formulae and example questions to really help students grasp a good understanding. They are slightly more expensive than the CGP Science flashcards and if you were to buy all three packs then this does start to add up.

Number 5: Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Combined Science Higher Revision Cards

In 5th and final place are the Edexcel Science revision cards. These are the only cards to cover the Edexcel exam board and unlike GCSE maths, Science is quite different depending on which exam board you do and therefore it is essential that you select the GCSE Science revision cards that are relevant to the exam that you are sitting. Therefore if you are doing Edexcel Science and you want some GCSE Science flashcards these are the best pick for you.