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GCSE Combined Science Revision Cards

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The Very Best GCSE Science Revision Cards for the AQA Exam Board
  • All major GCSE Science topics covered
  • Covers AQA GCSE Combined Science specification
  • Higher and Foundation Tiers
  • Studying Triple Science? Check out our Triple Science Cards
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AQA GCSE Combined Science Revision Cards!

The MME GCSE Combined Science revision cards are one of the first flash cards set to cover all of the AQA Trilogy specification. Every card has 5 questions to test knowledge and then one exam style question to test understanding and application of knowledge.This pack covers specifically the combined Science syllabus, for Triple Science please visit our dedicated triple science flash card page.

GCSE Combined Science Revision Cards Feature Image
Exam Questions on Every GCSE Science Topic!

Every card has an exam style question on. These questions are often contextualised, involve graphs, tables and other types of data and require a student to be able to apply their knowledge. If you want to revise key concepts and then practise your application and exam technique then these Science revision cards are the ones for you!

GCSE Combined Science Revision Cards Feature Image

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions you have about our GCSE Combined Science Revision Cards are answered here.

The GCSE Science revision cards will arrive within 2-3 days of your purchase, via Royal Mail.

They contain 5 questions on every topic and then 1 exam question to test your knowledge and understanding as well as give you exposure to exam style questions.

Yes there are relevant maths questions throughout the pack but also a section at the end which tests your maths skills and practical knowledge, all relevant to the GCSE Science exams.

Yes you can access all of our GCSE Science materials on our GCSE Science revision page.

Yes we have a full set of revision cards including our bestselling GCSE maths revision card set.

Revision cards and flash cards are a great way to revise, test your knowledge and identify gaps but they are no substitute to doing the exam papers; therefore as a minimum we suggest that students should complete all of the GCSE Science exam papers that are available in preparation for your final exams.

39 reviews for GCSE Combined Science Revision Cards


39 reviews
Highly rated for:
  • Great coverage of the required practicals
  • Amazing exam style questions
  • Helps to identify gaps in knowledge
What customers are saying
Ellis Guton

Many cards in the pack with questions on each area of the course. Flashcards generally can be a great way to learn, something different to worksheets and online learning.

Geraldine Brooking

Combined AQA GCSE science cards for those conscious students (and parents). Highlight recommend the maths amde easy resources, specially the revision cards.

Scarlet Ahearn

I bought the combined science cards as a revision gift for my son. He didn’t appreciate it to begin with but has since realigned himself, knowing that he has to achieve in his final year. The cards have been a great help in providing structure and a way to work through the exam course.

Mrs Samson

I had never heard of MME when I found these cards searching through Yahoo and I was unsure whether to buy from them but I am pleased we did. The combined science cards are genuinely exceptional.

M Dunst

Exceptional revision tool for students entering their GCSE years but equally for those in the run up to the exams. The cards can be used to introduce topics, revise them or test knowledge. A versatile revision aid.

Lesley H

Biology, chemistry and physics cards are a must for any student studying combined science aqa.

Steven Pittings

Brilliant science cards for the gcse exams and revision purposes.

Mrs S Tompkins

Good to see a set of science cards that have been made with quality of content in mind. There are too many of these types of resources that print on tiny cards and cram all of the information in and make the cards a pain to use. These are bigger than playing card size and sit comfortably in your hand.

T Eddison

Excellent combined gcse science cards. Every cards has 5 quick questions followed by an exam question that is often split into multiple parts.

Celia F

AQA combined science cards are brilliant. Happy to leave a review and let others know.

Sophie Evans

We weren’t sure about this mme website as we had not seen it before but a friend recommended these science cards as being an excellent way to get children revising. I am pleased to report that we have found them very useful. Q’s on front and answers on the back means you can ask a question and instantly see if they have understood the question and know the topic. A good tool for parents to check on progress of their children with no knowledge of the course.

A Anderson

As good if not better than a revision guide as you can quickly work from topic to topic. Unlike other revision cards available these seem to be quite big, double the size of a playing card so you can actually read the text.

Maddy Tate

Super duper science cards. I will recommend them to others.

Sofia Popov

Good science cards for GCSE combined science.

Maxine Anderton

A son who is doing combined science and wishes he could avoid doing it at all. These cards however have made him study for longer over the past 2 weeks than the previous 10, so I think they are having a positive impact by providing a different way to study.

Ms Bright

An excellent and engaging resource for children in year’s 9 to 11. The cards comprehensively cover the AQA combined science specification and ask all the right questions. It is clear that experienced teachers have had input in creating these cards.

Georgina Hall

I would happily recommend these science cards to those who are studying GCSE science.

Alexa Green

My son hates science, he says it is boring and not his thing. He does understand that he need science GCSE to get a good job and therefore I have convinced him to do some revision. These science cards are helping a lot.

Jodie Armstrong

The cards have helped our son to cover all of his science work ready for his topic tests and now his end of chapter test.

Frank Marsden

Quality of content is 5/5, print quality and aesthetics 5/5, effectiveness 5/5, speed of delivery 3/5 but understandable in the current climate, took 5 days to arrive but well worth the wait, excellent science cards.

Matty Harris

The combined science cards are bob on.

Hazel Maxwell

Nice science cards, easy to order, quick service.

Lukas Bardsly

All three science cards in this pack. Ideal for aqa exam board. Questions in recall section are straight forward, will be useful for some students I suppose. The second half of each card has the exam questions which are tremendous and a really good way to revise.


Good cards and quick delivery given the circumstance. I ordered the maths cards off Amazon and took longer to come, the science cards were with us within 2 days.

Marlene Rishworth

All 3 sciences are covered in this revision card set. Ideal for those covering the AQA exam board.

Xander Worden

Nice science cards! thank you.

Mrs Rutland

A very effective way for students to revise. Flash cards are now all the rage and as a teacher you have to embrace what children want to do and try and make that way of learning as effective as possible. These science revision cards aid in that process as they offer a quick way to check subject and topic knowledge.

Sarah Miller

The cards are good when testing knowledge but on their own don’t offer a full revision solution, so you will need other resources such as past papers.

Mike Platt

Beautifully printed cards and great questions

Sheridan Sandler

Better than a revision guide. Will recommend the science cards to friends and family.

Greg Robinson

A massive help!

The science cards have been a great help for our son Charlie.

Grant Aldersley

The GCSE science cards are a different way to get their attention, and don’t feel as much like work unlike a standard revision guide or heaven forbid a text book. Our daughter in year 9 is using the cards to help her prepare for next year.


I am happy to leave a review and recommend to others. The combined science cards are very well presented and as all the right questions.


I wasn’t sure about ordering from maths made easy as it is not like Amazon, the fact they had amazon as an option for other products reassured me. Ordered science cards direct from them and they arrived within a couple of days, well packaged in padded envelopes. Cards look excellent.

Scott Mendel

Colourful and contenful with our being over jammed with words. Good recall questions but the exam questions is where the real test is. Biology, chemistry and physics covered in equal measure.


The packs contain all 3 sciences and there are pelnty of cards to cover the course. We like the Science cards and happy to recommend to others.

Pauline Gresham

Really useful cards, a good thing to do is to split each pack into areas a child does and doesn’t know and then get them to focus on the topics they like first. This helps with confidence before they tackle the topics they find hard. That is my top tip.


I am using these science flash cards with all of my students. The questions on one side and the answers on the back make it easy to identify which topic areas need more work. Recommended by a secondary school teacher.

Kris Page

The best GCSE science cards, absolutely spot on!

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