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GCSE Triple Science Revision Cards

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The Very Best GCSE Science Revision Cards for the AQA Exam Board
  • All Major GCSE Science Topics Covered
  • Covers AQA GCSE Triple Science Specification for Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • Higher and Foundation Tiers Covered
  • Pack contains: Biology, Chemistry and Physics cards!
  • Studying Combined Science? Check out our Combined Science Cards
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AQA GCSE Triple Science Revision Cards!

The MME GCSE triple Science revision cards are one of the first flash cards set to cover all of the AQA specification. Every card has 5 questions to test knowledge and recall as well one exam style question to test understanding and application of knowledge.

GCSE Triple Science Revision Cards Feature Image
AQA Biology, Chemistry and Physics Covered

Every card contains an example similar to exam questions on the AQA papers. These questions are often contextualised, involve graphs, tables and other types of data and require a student to be able to apply their knowledge. All three sciences are covered, so whether you want to practise your Biology application, Chemistry calculations or Physics equations, you will find them all on our GCSE Triple Science revision cards.

GCSE Triple Science Revision Cards Feature Image

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions you have about our GCSE Triple Science Revision Cards are answered here.

Currently the triple science pack of cards we offer are specific to the AQA exam board, however most of the topics are still the same for Edexcel and OCR, so the cards would still be useful for these boards.

All of the major Biology, Chemistry Physics topics are covered with recall and exam questiuons

Yes the required practicals are covered for all three sciences .

Yes you can access all of our GCSE Science materials on our GCSE Science revision page.

With our standard shipping option the cards will arrive in 2-3 working days from the day you have ordered them.

Revision cards and flash cards are a great way to revise, test your knowledge and identify gaps but they are no substitute to doing the exam papers; therefore as a minimum we suggest that students should complete all of the GCSE Science exam papers that are available in preparation for your final exams.

42 reviews for GCSE Triple Science Revision Cards


42 reviews
Highly rated for:
  • Full course coverage
  • Biology, Chemistry and Physics covered in depth
  • Exam questions and required practicals exceptional
What customers are saying
Sheridan D

Amazing science revision cards for gcse exam revision.


Lots of science cards and plenty of revision questions, I’m just not a big fan of science to be fair.

Julian Reid

Pleased with our buy. The cards are well presented and test all the different areas of the AQA triple science course.

Megan S

The best revision aid I have found for triple science gcse course. thank you

Mr Penzer

Very pleased with the triple science card set. I would reiterate the other comments about the exam questions on each card are especially useful and having instant access to the answers on the back of the card make them easier to use. Very good.

Phoebe Poll

I would highly recommend the triple science cards for the AQA gcse science course. They are the best I have seen on my search of Google and having bought them this week, I am not at all disappointed. Formulae, examples, explanations and practice questions, everything a student needs to learn and progress.

Ash Tetley

AQA triple science cards like no others. I have been given a pack from school by someone else and then the mme ones which are far better. Larger cards with questions that you can actually read. Qucik starter questions on every card followed by a tough exam question. very good.

Simon Atkinson

A thorough and substantial set of science cards for the triple specification. As far as revision aids go I do not usually recommend them that often as everything available tends to be much of a muchness so I leave students to make their own decisions. On this occasion I will be recommending the mme science card sets as I do think they will really help, especially as our pupils are currently home learning. I will however, be contacting you regarding a discount for our school, so if you can reply to this email regarding this, that would be greatly appreciated.

Mrs Hoggarth

Sensational set of science cards! I am always on the search for new and exciting resources to use with my students and I came across these last month. With lessons now being online, I use the cards for 1-2-1 catch ups to test knowledge and identify gaps. I have recommended your cards to my pupils and hope they start to use them for their exams next year. Please make some exam papers.

Duncan Black

The science cards are very well made and you can tell a lot of thought has gone into how to lay them out and what order to ask specific questions as each card works through a different micro topic.

Francesca Turpin

The triple science flash cards are great. The delivery took a day longer than expected. The cards are worth their money but would have given a 5 star if they were a little cheaper and delivery was faster.

R Platt

Triple science is not an easy set of subjects so any useful resource is welcome. The students I tutor have found using these cards in lessons very useful as a starter exercise but also to recap topics. From a tutor’s perspective they are a great tool throughout the year for all different types of exercises.

Bethany I

The Biology and Physics cards are really good. The Chemistry cards are still useful, it is just their exam questions are quite difficult.

Elsa M

All science topics covered for triple award. Questions and answers a good way to learn. The exam questions and practical questions are useful.

Helen M

Triple science cards that are definitely worth getting.


Biology and Chemistry cards are perfect. The physics don’t seem as good but still useful. It may be because I hate looking at physcis to be honest the cards still work well Best science cards available are here.

Mrs Raynor

Much better than a revision guide or text book.

Paul Beecham

Beautifully made cards that help students to learn the triple science course through question and answer format.

Carla Theakston

Your Triple science cards recommended to friends and family. Very impressive indeed.

Garry Chew

I hated science at school and my daughter takes after me! That said, these science cards have been an immense help in breaking the syllabus down. She is a bright girl which is why we pushed her into triple science and these cards are helping her to battle through the course.

Charmaine Long

Great to use the cards along side a text book as you can quickly see which topics are easy and which need more work. The practical questions are hard but good to practise. Over all I would definitely recommend.

Charmaine Long

Great to use the cards along side a text book as you can quickly see which topics are easy and which need more work. The practical questions are hard but good to practise. Over all I would definitely recommend.


I have found the cards helpful with my revision but more revision notes would be better.

William Royce

The single most effective tool I have to help my twins learn science during lock down. Makes science revision easy and we can cover many topic quickly. Recapping all year 10 at the minute before moving onto year 11 work.

Mrs Calvert

We were looking for something that our son could use to study and revise his science from home. These science flash cards have been brilliant. All three sciences are covered and revised in good depth. thank you

Marion Aldermen

The gift that keeps on giving. These science flash cards have been an immense help for our daughter over the past few weeks. We have used them to cover new topics, test knowledge of old topics and then to test application of knowledge through the exam questions. Good work guys.

Edward Harvey

For those who are studying AQA GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics separate sciences (or triple science) then these cards are an absolute must! The best science resource I have discovered on my journeys across the world wide web.

Bernard Metcalfe

Great science revision cards, good for students and and tutors.

Mr Ronson

Good coverage of the AQA science specification. All three sets of science cards cover the major topic areas well. As others have said, the exam style questions add the real value.

Alice Tomes

Ideal for higher tier students who are doing triple science aqa exam. Full marks from us.

Dr Raj

Our children have been using these cards for the past 3 weeks. We definitely recommend to all those children who are studying at home.

Victoria Smith

I bought biology, chemistry and physics cards for the triple science. Our children are using them to help each other learn which is nice to see. The feedback so far is that they are great in helping the kids study.

Lucy Preston

Brilliant for revising from home in short bursts of 20-30 minutes.

Ayesha Khalid

great science cards

Ayesha Khalid

great science cards

Stuart Morgan

Buy! Buy Buy! that is my feedback and recommendation. Amazing science cards.

Mr Dhaliwal

We wish we had found these sooner! Schools closing prompted us to search for some resources to cover at home and we stumbled across these GCSE science cards for all 3 sciences. All three triple sciences covered in good depth. A bargain!

Leanne Hargreaves

Easy ordering, quick delivery, would use again, oh and the cards look great.

Shun Wei

The best science revision cards available.

E Arron

Fabulous!!! Biology, Chemistry and Physics all covered in equal measure. Questions test knowledge and application, could have been a little more colourful and less serious but lets face it, not a time to worry about that and science is a pretty serious subject after all. Pleased to review and recommend.


I have two daughters in year 9 an 10, both forced to be off school and both with little to no work set. These cards arrived earlier on in the week before schools were closed and I have to say this was perfect timing. I now have the girls going over each topic and helping each other to cover biology, chemistry and physics. Schools will reopen at some point and exams will happen again so our plan is to be ready for that and to be honest they haven’t got anything better to do!

Colleen Mason

Absolutely perfect! My son is now actually revising his GCSE science and has said that these cards have really helped him to find out which topics he needs to revise as well as giving him exam question practise.

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