Times Table Flash Cards

Maths Made Easy provides Times Table flash cards to get your little ones practising their times tables!
  • All of the KS2 times tables are covered
  • Engaging and fun maths cards
  • An easy way to learn the 1-12 times tables
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How They look

Times Tables Flash Cards With Answers

Times Table Flash Cards Preview Image
Times Table Flash Cards Preview Image
Times Table Flash Cards Preview Image
Times Table Flash Cards Preview Image
Times Table Flash Cards Preview Image
Times Table Flash Cards Preview Image
Times Table Flash Cards Preview Image
Times Table Flash Cards Preview Image
Times Table Flash Cards Preview Image
Learning Times Tables!

Helping your child learn their times tables can be one of the most rewarding but also challenging part of their early learning. With primary maths the key is keeping children engaged and flashcards are a great way of doing that as they are interactive and make the laborious task of learning times tables much more interesting. Take a peek at our KS2 primary maths revision cards and help your child learn! 

Times Table Flash Cards Feature Image
A More Engaging Way to Learn

Revision flashcards are one of the classic study tools and have be shown to be really effective in younger children who tend to be more visual learners. From years of anecdotal evidence that these sorts of cards really help we decided to make the most engaging KS2 times table flash cards available with nice big font and plenty of colour. 

Times Table Flash Cards Feature Image

KS2 Times Table Card Features

The MME times table flashcards are a fun way to learn!

1 to 12

Revision cards up to the 12 times table!

Colour coordinated

Each times table is split up by it's own colour

For the young and old

The cards can be used for children, teens and adults who want to learn their tables!

More features of Times Table Flash Cards
Easy to order

Order your times table cards in seconds!

Secure payment

Our card and Paypal payment methods are always secure!

Quick Delivery

Order today and your cards will be with you in a few days.

Accelerate your child's learning

Flashcards are an effective way to engage children and encourage them to learn their times tables!

1 to 12

All times tables covered in this bumper pack of cards

Easy Revision

Questions on one side and the answer on the back

Easy to use

The different colours make them easy to use

Quick Shipping

Easy ordering and fast delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions you have about our Times Table Flash Cards are answered here.

Yes, our Times Tables maths revision cards have been shown to help many children. Because we work with primary teachers around the country we have been able to collate comprehensive feedback to ensure these flashcards are the most effective. 

They contain clear images and explanations of how to learn the different times tables. They also have questions on the reverse for additional practise. 

You can buy them directly through the MME using a credit/debit card or Paypal. 

The flashcards will arrive within 2-3 days usually. We use Royal Mail to deliver the cards so the delivery times are reliable. 

Potentially but only if you are ordering large amounts of the cards and then we can pass on a discount for postage and the purchase cost of the cards. Our order system accommodates all bulk discounts so all you have to do is input the amount you want. 

Yes we also offer KS2 SATs maths cards to help children prepare for their exams. 

25 reviews for Times Table Flash Cards


25 reviews
Highly rated for:
  • A fun way to help your child learn
  • Bright and colourful number flash cards
  • A6 is a perfect size
What customers are saying
D Price

Easy to order, nice cards, all good.

M A Ropa

Nice colourful cards but a little pricey for numbers on card. I suppose postage of them would be expensive but you do pay for that.

S Hovis

Numbers flashcards that are easy to use.


Colourful and easy to use. Very basic cards, many of them.


Good quality cards, a lot of them,.

Geraldine Buffet

Nice cards, good quality but as one other review said they are just number flash cards.


Good quality but essentially simple numbers written on coloured card.

Tina Petherbridge

Bright and courful number flash cards. Good job.

Barbara Smith

Simple but lovely to use with the kids, better than doing it yourself on paper, much more visual.

Maureen Peel

Straightforward cards. A nice way to help children to learn their times tables. Colours do help!


Great value, nice cards and lots of fun

Garry Locke

Happy to recommend the mme site and products. The flashcards arrived quickly and we have been using them with two of our children for the last couple of weeks and they seem to be picking up their times tables, still struggling with 6,7,8 but so do many adults! Thanks again.

Lottie Hernandez

Straightforward and simple cards, nice and colourful, worth the spend.

Eugene Pollard

Great fun! Easy to order and good shipping.


Colourful and interactive, better than screen time and something to keep them occupied with for a good 10 minutes at a time. The sats cards are also good for my eldest who is in year 6. thanks a lot.

Usman Abidi

great counting cards for young children, colourful and bright.

Johnny Door

You get what you see, simple but effective times table flash cards. Great to use with children learning how to multiply as well as do their timestables.


Excellent!!! The cards are useful and fun, my children don’t mind learning maths anymore. They have worked their way up to their 8 times table, one of the tough ones.

Samuel Greenwood

Easy to use cards that make learning times tables a little more bearable. Happy to recommend to parents of children who need a bit of a push when it comes to studying.


It does what it says on the tin, times table cards! You should know what to expect when you get of maths cards like these, simple and easy to use


Helping your child to learn their times tables can be a stressful task. These cards make it easier to work through the times tables and break up the monotony of the process. A well worthwhile purchase.


The best buy when it comes to helping children to learn their times tables. We had purchased books, online resources and even signed up to maths factor and none of this worked, but for some reason the tactile nature of flicking through these cards seemed to appeal to our daughter and this has really helped her to learn her times tables up to 7, we are still working on the rest.

Casey Roberts

I am embarrassed to say that as an adult I still don’t know my times tables so these cards were as much for me as for my little girl. We are both working through them together and finding the simple format easy to work through. The cards are good value for money, a well worthwhile purchase.


Simple but effective. They do what they say on the tin, great times table maths cards that help a child to sit and learn their times tables. Thanks


Fun and easy to use. We have bought these cards for our 7-year-old and she is working her way through her times tables. Having something you can hold really helps to engage so I would recommend these cards to any parent who wants to help their child to learn their times tables.

Shipping / Delivery Information

All items are shipped using Royal Mail. For our standard shipping option this means you should receive your items within 2-3 working days for all UK orders. International shipping varies depending on the country but usually takes between 5-10 working days. 

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Revision Cards £1.49 initial cost + 50p per item £6.50 initial cost + £2.50 per item £19.99 flat rate
Practice Exam Papers £1.00 initial cost + 49p per item £6.50 initial cost + £2.50 per item £19.99 flat rate
Equivalency Practice Papers FREE £6.50 initial cost + £2.50 per item £19.99 flat rate
Bundles £1.49 initial cost + 50p per item £6.50 initial cost + £2.50 per item £19.99 flat rate
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