KS3 Maths Papers

KS3 practice papers are perfect for preparing students for their KS3 maths tests and end of year exams. Order today and get the exam pack delivered to your door.
  • Original KS3 maths mock papers and mark schemes
  • Relevant to years 7, 8 and 9
  • Papers are unique and only on MME!
  • Calculator, non-calculator and mark scheme delivered to your door
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KS3 Maths Exam Papers and Mark Schemes

Our KS3 maths papers have been designed by teachers and examiners to ensure they contain high quality questions that are formatted in a professional exam style to help students get use to these types of questions before they reach their GCSE years. The MME KS3 maths papers are original and unique to the MME website, you won’t find them anywhere else!

KS3 Maths Papers Feature Image
Exam questions in exam format

The Maths Made Easy KS3 practice papers are in the same format as GCSE exams which means the test papers come in A4 booklets with exam questions formatted in the same way as the real thing. All of the questions are original and have been designed by the MME examining team to ensure they are highly accurate and cover the KS3 maths curriculum. They are perfect for students revising for end of term and end of year exams. 

KS3 Maths Papers Feature Image

KS3 Maths Practice Papers Features

Original questions and exam papers only available through MME

Original Papers

All the questions that are on the MME papers are original

KS3 Curriculum

Different topics covered from across the curriculum

Mark Schemes

For both exam papers

More features of KS3 Maths Papers
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Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions you have about our KS3 Maths Papers are answered here.

Each key stage three maths paper set includes a calculator paper and non-calculator paper as well as a mark scheme for each exam. 

The KS3 maths papers are both out of 80 marks. 

The exam papers cover a wide range of topics across the KS3 curriculum.


Your exam papers will be packaged & posted the same day you order them. All orders are shipped using the Royal Mail standard postal service which takes between 2-3 working days. 

Yes, see our KS3 Maths revision card page to access the very best maths flash cards available.

Yes we have a full list of KS3 maths revision materials and resources that are freely accessible through the MME website. Visit our dedicated key stage 3 maths page here. 

42 reviews for KS3 Maths Papers


42 reviews
Highly rated for:
  • Better than the old SATs papers
  • Perfect for mock exams
  • Helped my child with the end of year exam prep
What customers are saying
T Henderson

We have found the maths made easy ks3 exam papers a good tool to check the progress our daughter is making with these online lessons from school. There are gaps appearing in her knowledge on topics she has covered so we are not too confident that the online classroom thing is a great way to learn. These maths papers have been useful in testing her

DA Penn

Great set of ks3 maths papers that are perfect for testing children at the end of the year to see what they have and haven’t learnt.

Freida T

Exam question and mark scheme answer booklet are a great way to see how your child is progressing with home learning.


Great set of ks3 maths papers. The calculator seems a little more tricky than the non-calc but all in all a good coverage of the curriculum and a good test for any ks3 student.

Neil Francis

Some okay free resources on the web, but you get what you pay for. Good value for money and are real exam papers

Aerial Downing

Amazing maths papers for key stage three children. I wish I had found these last year for my eldest as he didn’t do his best in the end of year tests and I am sure it was down to exam practise.

Tony Holmes

The old ks3 sats maths papers that the year 9 students use to do many years ago are a good resource but no longer that relevant so finding something like these ks3 maths papers has been a huge help. What we didn’t want to do is let our son sit his end of year exams to discover he wasn’t achieving his potential. These papers have given us a great insight into which areas of his maths he needs to study and focus on more.

Megan Muller

Truly brilliant exam papers. Thank you for your help with getting these.

Rick Wilson

The real deal. Maths exam papers are an ideal way to test progress during school closures.

Stacey Winterbottom

We have been working through these papers with our two children for the past 2 weeks. Very well set out, look like real exams and the questions increase in difficulty as you work through the paper. Great maths papers for ks3.

Robyn Stead

Nice papers, good questions, good test of maths.

Jacob Walters

Good service, fast shipping and the papers are what we had hoped.

Robert Dixon

Superb papers, good delivery, good servie.

Mrs Underwood

The ks3 maths papers are really good for testing children and seeing where their gaps in knowledge are. The papers are out of 80, would be better to extend this to 100 like the GCSE papers, but otherwise perfect papers.

Ross Erikson

We have found working through the exam papers at home as been a great use of time and Christopher, our son, who is in year 8, is coming on leaps and bounds. Thank you for these and keep up the good work with the free online content as well, it is very much appreciated.

Devendrah Patel

The ks3 maths papers have been a big help. Thank you very much.


Really happy with our key stage maths papers.

Mrs Kapdi

Good papers for ks3 maths exams. Happy to review and recommend.

Charlie Eastwood

The papers look and feel like the real deal. Questions set out in a very formal way, helps to create an exam feel. Wish they offered more sets of the ks3 maths papers, we are now looking at the GCSE foundation papers.


As far as key stage three maths papers go there aren’t too many to choose from as there are no longer any formal examinations at this level. That said, most schools do undertake end of year exams, the results of which inform setting at the start of year 10. These Maths Made Easy papers are a good way to prepare for end of year exams, for year 7, 8 and 9. Highly recommend.

Mr Javid

I was looking for realistic key stage three exam papers to prepare my daughter for her end of year exams. They are no longer doing this at school but they have said they will send exam papers home. This MME maths papers has been a real help.

George Paul

Until recently we have been using the old KS3 SATs papers but these are a lot different to the new curriculum, many of the same topics just a totally different style. These KS3 maths papers are a good bridge between KS3 and GCSE, the style of question and level of difficulty feel about right.

Marcus Lamb

The cards are nice and the maths makes sense but would be better if there were more practise questions.

Gerald Ennis

A good test of a students progress. Authentic maths papers in exam booklets with mark scheme provided. Helpful!

Carolyn Greenway

The ks3 cards and papers are a perfect combination for home revision

Zara Alinson

Wow! I thought you could only get revision guides and boring old text books. My older children have been making their own flash cards for years but I didn’t realise you could get printed card versions like this. The cards are A6 and great quality, but most importantly the content is to the right level and makes it easy for children to learn from.

Josh Wilkinson

Great maths papers.

Mr Johnson

The key stage three exam papers from the Maths Made Easy website are a good way for children to prepare for end of year exams. Our school is using them for mocks and they are the closest thing to exam board content I have seen.

Jermaine Hansen

Exam papers look authentic. Cards are good as well.

George Ellis

The best kind of preparation for any exam is to do as many practise questions as you can. These ks3 maths papers provide an excellent opportunity for children to see and get use to exam questions.

Lesley Burton

Exactly what is needed to key stage three maths prep. We have been using the old SATs papers but there is so much of the course now changed in helping children get ready for GCSE that they aren’t as relevant. Will recommend these key stage three maths papers to others, than kyou.


Better than the old KS3 papers, more relevant to the new curriculum and plenty of good exam style questions for students to practise applying their knowledge.

Deena Burt

Super exam papers. I have two children aged 11 and 14 and they have been working through the papers together. My youngest has struggled with the questions as a lot of them are new but it is spurring him on to work harder.


We use to use the old KS3 SATs papers for exams in our school but many of the children have got wise to this so switched to the MME KS3 maths papers which have been an excellent alternative.

Megan Brown

These have been an excellent aid in helping to prepare my child for their up and coming maths test. thanks

Sarah Sharp

Thank you for the key stage three exam papers.

Abdul Baig

The ks3 maths exam papers are really useful my only criticism is that it would be better to have multiple sets as the old sats papers are not relevant enough now in my opinion and the GCSE papers contain to many topics that aren’t covered at KS3. So good papers, just make some more of them.

Ned Hamilton

Using the mme ks3 maths papers alongside the old ks3 sats papers has been a really effective for Archie and he is no longer apprehensive about his year 9 exams which will determine his gcse sets so are possibly the most important exams so far. We really appreciate you posting these out to us and answering our questions beforehand.

Ned Hamilton

Using the mme ks3 maths papers alongside the old ks3 sats papers has been a really effective for Archie and he is no longer apprehensive about his year 9 exams which will determine his gcse sets so are possibly the most important exams so far. We really appreciate you posting these out to us and answering our questions beforehand.

Josephine Cope

Absolutely brilliant! I have a number of children that I tutor and finding new KS3 maths resources is a challenge. I often end up using GCSE exam papers for my more capable students but these are used up in no time and don’t really help my less able students. These ks3 exam papers have been invaluable in helping me to set progress tests and properly examine my students and identify their weak area. Thank you maths made easy.

Stephanie Clarke

Lately my son has been finding maths quite challenging and he has a key stage three mock exam coming up so I was looking online for some maths tuition for him and came across these KS3 maths papers. They have been a massive aid in helping to quickly identify areas that he needs to work on before his next mock and the mark schemes make it easy to mark them yourself.

Sara Casey

KS3 SATs are not really a thing since the SATS exams finished many years ago but end of year exams still exist and these effect what group a child is put into for GCSE and therefore are important. We have been working at home using old SATs papers but the curriculum has changes a little since then so they are not all relevant but more importantly they don’t contain all of the new topics. These papers we bought on mme have been excellent in that they have covered the new questions and towards the end of the paper have been a real stretch. Really good job.

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